6'th Edition 20 Aug 2018 - 24 Aug 2018


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Rules and regulations


Rules of IHF and of the Romanian Handball Federation are applied.

Competitional system 

Depending on the number of entries, the system of the events can be grouped, all against all or mixed type matches. It will be decided at the time of drawing, regarding that each team has the opportunity to play at least a match/day.

Length of games

Category :   

 W/M U18: 2 x 25 min

 W/M U16, U 14: 2 x 20 min

 W/M U 12: 2 x 20 min

Special Situations

If a game already started but has to be suspended because of force majeure or other reasons not related to the organizers, the game will be considered finished with the result at the moment of the interruption.

If it has not start yet,this game will be rescheduled.

Before the first game in the competition start, each team has to take an official group photo requested by the organizers for the competition archive.

The number of players and reserves

A team can consist of maximum 16 players, a coach, an assistant coach, a physical coach (masseur) and a physician.

One of the players is captain and he must be identified.

Players who are not playing should be placed on the reserve bench of the team.

Score paper
15 minutes before each game, teams will have representatives to provide official table with players and officials to referees + players' identity documents ( ID or passport ).


All teams will wear jerseys with the number (s) on the back of same colour and the numbers will have to coincide with those registered on the score paper.


The teams must be ready to play 15 minutes before the start of the match.

If at the appointed time for starting the game, the team is not present on the ground, it shall have a period of 5 minutes to align to the start line or it will lose that game by a score of 10-0 .

If the team is not present at the match for reasons that has already been communicated to the organizers, the game will be rescheduled.

Penalties - disciplinary rules
Depending on the assessment of the referee and depending on the degree of the offense, the sanctions will be applied and recorded on the score paper:
PENALTY - The first rude conduct in the match to any member of the team will be penalized with a yellow card.
ELIMINATION - 2 yellow cards received by a player removes him for 2 minutes.
- For certain fouls, the punishment is direct elimination for 2 minutes without taking into account whether the player has previously received a warning.
 - A team member who got an expulsion of two minutes will not play for 2 minute. At 3rd elimination to the same player, he gets a red card and is removed without the right of getting into the rest of the game.
- Direct red card shown to a player without having previously warned this abolition throughout of the game. In this situation, the team will play for 2 minutes without him by another player who will be taking place in the field.
In order to compile the ranking will take into account only official games.

Behaviour rules

If a team proves a violent attitude during the tournament (protests against the referee’s decision, hardness on rivals, protests against the organizers etc., it can be automatically excluded from the tournament).

All cases of exclusion out of the competition will be reported in detail to the federal court, the club or the player is associated to.

Coaches and official representatives of the teams will be directly responsible for the attitude and behaviour of their players in relation to referees, teammates, opponents, the public, organizers and materials belonging to sport facilities (lockers, reserve benches etc.)

Organizers will inspect lockers with delegates of the teams involved before and after each game.

In case of total or partial destruction of materials belonging to sport facilities (lockers, banks, reserve seats in the stands, etc.) delegates, teams and the person who caused damages are directly responsible.

Submitting teams and players

A team is considered registered in the 4th Youth International Handball Tournament - FunSports Cup in 2016 after paying the registration fee.

Soon after, the organizers will be provided the list of players that will represent the team in the tournament.

The list of players must be stamped  by the club.

Players may compete in their club's team according to their age category or an older category. Crossover between a club's different teams in same age category is not permitted. The name record of the teams by category must be handed over upon arrival at the registration. Only players indicated in the record may take part in the matches.

Matches are held in different fields at the same time, every team has to have its own trainer.

All places will be decided during the tournament.


Matches are lead by invited foreign referees and  delegated referees of the Romanian Handball Association.

The referee will have the supreme authority on the game and will have full powers to suspend or cancel any game whenever a negative/violent attitude of any team is proved.


Any appeal or complaint shall be submitted in writing to the official table immediately after the game. Any appeal will be charged with 20 Euro fee.

The organizers do not accept written complaints or disputes that refer to the referees’ decision.

For verification of complaints delegates of the teams are required to submit original birth certificate, ID, passport or legitimation.

Competition Committee

Committee of the Competition will meet at the end of each day of competition and will review all incidents on that day.

All decisions of the Committee of the Competition are final and all participants will have to accept them.

Tournament schedule

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make changes in the competition schedule, both in the composition of groups and disputing hours of games and sport halls.

All these changes will be communicated as soon as possible to the representatives of the teams involved, but will also be posted on the website of the tournament www.funsportscup.com where you will find the games and results in real time.


All representatives of the teams will have to carry insurance for their players both inside and outside playgrounds and present them to the office of the tournament.

Organizers will not be responsible for any injuries or illnesses occurred during the tournament, as the organizers will not be responsible for any lost or stolen things.

Acceptance criteria

Teams entered in 5th International Youth Handball Tournament  - "FunSports" Cup 2017 accept rules created by the organizers for the tournament.

Criteria for making the classification

The ranking is done by the addition of points, as follows:
a) 3 points - won game
b) 1 point - equal game
c) 0 points - lost game
If in the final shootout two or more teams are on equal points, it is arranged on the following criteria:
a) result in points between the teams concerned;
b) goal difference in the matches;
c) number of goals scored in direct matches;
d) goal difference in all matches;
e) number of goals scored in all matches.

If is equality in the ranking games, it will be 5 throws at 7-meter. If after the 7-m score is equality, it will continue 7m throws, and who misses first loses.



All participants need:

▪ valid passport

▪ identity card

All teams need:

▪ name list with date of birth (min. 12  -  max. ....  players plus 2 companions)

▪ valid sport doctor's certification

▪ two different coloured sports dresses

▪ at least one ball

▪ to present to the referees before the matches.

Upon request, players must provide certification ahead of the match.

!!! Very important that all of the teams must to have an own trainer or an acting coach! If one trainer comes with more than one team the organizer can't take into consideration the resulting problems and claims. So there is no way to change the tournament's program and match schedule because of the mentioned reason. (for example if two teams have one trainer and they play in a same time or close to each other's date and in a different location).