6'th Edition 20 Aug 2018 - 24 Aug 2018


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Category : 20-24 august 2018

W/M: U18 Youth 

W/M: U16 Juvenile 

W/M: U14 Kids 

W/M: U12 Kids 

Please note: Players may compete in their club's team according to their age category or an older category. Crossover between a club's different teams in the same age category is not permitted. The name record of the teams by category must be handed over upon arrival at the registration. Only players indicated in the record may take part in the matches.



W/M U18: 2 x 30 min

W/M U16: 2 x 25 min

W/M U14: 2 x 25 min

W/M U12: 2 x 20 min




For registration download our application form and send it by e-mail/fax or register your team online.

Online registration and prepayement deadline: 22 june 2018


Registration fee

Team entry fee:

1 team: 150 Euro

2 teams: 280 Euro

3 teams: 390 Euro

More than 3 teams: 100 Euro for each team

50 % discount of the entry fee will be applied to the teams that participated in the previous edition of FunSports Cup.


The registration fee will be paid by bank transfer once the team has registered, no later than 22 June 2018.

 22 June 2018 is also the deadline of the online registration and paying the 25% of entry fee, accommodation and board fees.)

Teams that are doing their registration and payments after the prepayement deadline ( 22 june 2018) will be charged an extra cost of 50% of the entry fee.

Furthermore in this case we are unable to provide the discounts mentioned in the competition rules (for example: 16/1 discount).




Account holder: SC RADAR SPORT SRL

Bank account number: 

RO 67 RNCB 0053 1493 2726 0001

Swift code:  RNCB ROBU


Please note: Number of spots is limited.

FunSports Cup works on a first come, first served basis, so try to apply asap.

Organizers provide, on request, a period of preparation before tournament in the same conditions and in the same locations.




▪ Teams required a visa to enter to Romania have to obtain a valid visa and all other necessary travel documents in due time in advance. Application of teams failing to prove the possession of required travel documents, including a valid visa, 30 days ahead of the start of tournament will be denied.

▪ If the participation at the tournament is cancelled no later than 22 June 2018, 50% of the amount paid will be refunded. If the participation at the tournament is cancelled beyond this date, 22 June 2018, no refunds will be made.

▪ We can accept the teams who are doing their registration and payments after the deadline but in this case we charge an extra cost what is the 50% of the entry fee. Furthermore in this case we are unable to provide the discounts which are mentioned in the competition rules. (for example: 16/1 discount)

▪ Teams are required to pay in cash 100 euros as a deposit for each team, which will be refunded  ahead of the departure in cash or if it is not possible, we will  refund after departure to a given address or bank account within 8 work days, in case no damage was made.

▪ If there is any overpayment during the transfers the organizer has no way to refund the difference beause of the local billing rules.

▪ Teams are asked to pay 25 % of the price of accommodation and board together with the entry fee by  22 june 2018.


All participants need:

▪ valid passport

▪ identity card/birth certificate

All teams need:

▪ name list with date of birth (min. 12 max. ....players plus 2 companions)

▪ valid sport doctor's certification

▪ two different coloured sports dresses

▪ at least one ball

▪ to present to the referees before the matches.

Upon request, players must provide certification ahead of the match.

!!! Very important that all of the teams must have an own trainer or an acting coach! If one trainer comes with more than one team the organizer can't take into consideration the resulting problems and claims. So there is no way to change the tournament's program and match schedule because of the mentioned reason. (for example if two teams have one trainer and they play in a same time or close to each other's date and in a different location).

Matches are held in different fields at the same time, every team has to have its own trainer.

Rules of IHF and of the Romanian Handball Federation are applied.

Depending on the number of entries, the system of the events can be grouped, all against all or mixed type matches. It will be decided at the time of drawing, regarding that each team has the opportunity to play at least a match/day.

All places will be decided during the tournament.

Matches are lead by invited foreign referees and  delegated referees of the Romanian Handball Association.




If you want to be a referee at the “FunSports Cup 2017”

- You should write on our e-mail address office@funsports.ro, that you want to participate and attach your license and references.

- if you fulfilled all criteria,  you will receive the official invitation.

- you will assist at last 6 matches a day.

In return:

- you will get the opportunity to participate to this great event and visit our beautiful places.

- you will be provided with accommodation and food, 3 meals a day (breakfast + lunch + dinner).

- you will get a certification from the organizers.